Reggetiko Project

Is a musical meeting between people with very different creative roots, who share the same love for creative improvisation and direct musical interaction.

Upcoming concerts

Third album Tour

26 of March – Istanbul – Kadikoy
27 of March – Istanbul – Jurnal
28 of March – Istanbul – Besiktas
29 of March – Komotini – Marmelada Wine Bar

27 of April – In Edit Music Documentary – Thessaloniki

More dates to be announced…

Recording with Milcho

Drops of the third-to-be album, with the participation of a great musician, as interviewed with Manos Tzanakakis at Globalista radio show.

A gift for the senses

Upon listening to Reggetiko Project last album, Knot, one immediately has the feeling a story is being told. A story of people and their travels, onto which one cannot help submerging. The atmospheric tunes, and the refreshing and at times melancholic chords will take you through the streets of Greek cities. From the Mediterranean dawn to warm Arabian nights. A flawlessly tuned jam session. A gift for the senses.
- Bisila Laht


Thessaloniki, Greece.

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